• Introduction

    DIIMEX is a global online digital media exchange, not an agency. Our goal is to provide an efficient and transparent marketplace for media and advertising content.

    DIIMEX was established as a result of the discontent expressed by content providers at the state of the current market under which they are being forced to operate and the growing need for efficiencies required for both media and advertising companies in order to be competitive. Being an online exchange, DIIMEX is able to eliminate a lot of the current market inefficiencies thereby passing the benefits straight through to the end users. Watch the attached video now to learn more about the Diimex platform.

  • New Content Showcase video

    New Content Showcase

    DIIMEX accepts all types of content both Editorial and Creative. Watch the attached video to view a small selection of the content being uploaded to DIIMEX.

    To view Editorial content on the DIIMEX platform you must first have registered and secondly you must be an approved media buyer. If your organisation would like to purchase Editorial content please contact your nearest picture desk for approval.

  • Contributor

    Diimex offers contributors one of the lowest commission splits in the marketplace, 7 day payment terms, no subscription pricing, insurance on transactions and complete transparency on all sales. Watch the attached video now to see how Diimex can benefit you.

  • Buyer

    The Diimex platform offers buyers increased efficiencies, simpler pricing, direct access to global contributors and greater transparency. Watch the attached video now to see how Diimex save you time and money.